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Monty Morrow, Director of Regulatory & Legislative Affairs with Nuvera, discusses partnering with Finley Engineering since 2014. As a result, see how this helped to fostered growth, and prepare Nuvera for the future of broadband technology.



Total High Speed

Listen in as Travis Allen, CEO of Total Highspeed, discusses how his company was able to obtain broadband funding and achieve growth, with the help of Finley Engineering.




Randy Grogan, CEO and GM of BTC, discusses how Finley assisted with their grant funding application to build out broadband in New Hope. New Hope is an unserved and underserved area that was being left behind because of the size of the community.



Pope County

See how Pope County relied on Finley to build a business case to bring better broadband do their community.



Roseau Electric – Unique Partnership Answers the Call for Broadband in Rural Minnesota

This is a story of the vision, perseverance, and resolve of cooperative leaders that stepped up to help end the digital-divide in one community. Roseau Electric Cooperative made it their primary goal to bring quality broadband services to the community by working with trusted vendor-partner Finley Engineering to achieve their goals. Finley played a critical role that brought strong experience, expertise and a commitment to  community. As seen in the August 2020 issue of RE Magazine. 



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