People Spend Almost Six Minutes Finding Streaming Content

People know they want to watch TV, but are not sure what they want to watch or where to find it. That’s the conclusion of a report from LG Ad Solutions about finding streaming content.

The firm, which focuses on connected TV and cross-screen advertising, found that people are using more free and ad-supported streaming. On average, people spend 5.7 minutes finding content and 40% are unsure of how to find content that they want to watch.

“This presents a great opportunity for streamers to leverage Smart TV homepages for content discovery,” LG Ad Solutions’ CMO Tony Marlow said in a press release.”Our data indicates that 39% of viewers have used recommendations from their TV’s homepage when they’re looking for something new to watch–and we anticipate that number to increase as Smart TV adoption continues to climb. The home screen is the new center of the connected TV experience where consumers can search for specific content and find recommendations when they aren’t sure what they want to watch.

Finding Streaming Content

The survey, an update to the company’s report released last year entitled “The Big Shift,” is comprised of the views of 750 U.S. consumers and was conducted in March.

Other findings from the report:

  • Forty-six percent of respondents have canceled a streaming service to save money. Further, 59% of viewers are willing to cancel a subscription after finishing their desired content, supporting the trend that subscribers are hopping between services to keep costs down.
  • Sixty-three percent of respondents prefer to stream free content rather than pay for a subscription. Thirty-two percent of consumers say that during the next year they will remove a subscription connected TV service and 21% will add more free and ad-supported connected TV services.
  • 39% of respondents have searched online and 37% have visited a website after seeing a connected TV ad.


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