Research: Majority of Americans OK With Their Cellphone Use

American’s relationship with their cell phones is good…but a bit complicated, according to research about cellphone use conducted by YouGov in June.

YouGov found that 33% of respondents say they use their phones too much (28% male, 37% female), 50% said they use their devices the right amount (53% male, 46% female) and 8% say they use them too little (8% male, 7% female). Ten percent (11% male, 10% female) responded that they didn’t know.

Cellphone Use

Researchers also looked at how people are trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time they are on their phone. Thirty-one percent (28% male, 34% female) said they are doing something to cut down their phone usage. Fifty-four percent said that they are not (57% male, 53% female) and 14% (16% male, 13% female) didn’t know.

“Overarching trends reflect a majority of Americans – irrespective of gender – feel they have struck a harmonious balance in their digital interactions,” wrote Kineree Shah in the accompanying commentary. “In a society that’s continually wired and constantly connected, this balance becomes paramount. As mobile technology evolves, so too will our perceptions and behaviors, but for now, the majority remains in comfortable stasis with their screens.”

In April, YouGov released research that said 70% of American smartphone buyers want to keep their phones for two or more years and that one in six want to get five years of use from their devices. An interesting additional finding was that there was no connection between the device price and the length of time an owner wanted to keep their device.


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