Samsung Claims 5G Speed Record

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced last week it has achieved the industry’s 5G speed record in a lab demonstration that combined 800MHz of mmWave spectrum with MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology.

Using a pair of test mobile devices, the demonstration achieved approximately 4.3 Gbps speeds on each, reaching a peak speed of 8.5Gbps across both devices.

According to Samsung, the wide bandwidth from mmWave spectrum enables mobile operators to provide multi-gigabit speeds that lower band spectrums are unable to match. With multi-gigabit speeds, users can experience transformational 5G mobile services.

Today, several countries — including Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. — have already assigned 5G mmWave spectrum, and two of the countries have already seen commercial 5G service launches using the spectrum, Samsung notes. More than 15 additional nations are expected to have 5G mmWave networks in the coming years.

“Samsung will continue to be at the forefront in advancing 5G mmWave technology,” said Hyunho Park, senior vice president, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, in a prepared statement. This successful demonstration proves mmWave’s potential to deliver new kinds of business use cases and open up opportunities for mobile operators. We look forward to building on this significant technical breakthrough to fuel our continued journey towards an innovative and vibrant mmWave ecosystem.”



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