Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Need help building your business case for better Broadband? Finley can help by providing a customized Broadband feasibility study.

This presentation was presented Mark Mrla and Chris Konechne at a Blandin Foundation Broadband Conference in Nisswa, MN.

What is a feasibility study?

When Finley performs a feasibility study, we propose multiple design, cost and funding options that can help you achieve your most challenging broadband needs. Each study is custom designed with the goal of uncovering new product and service opportunities to optimize costs and drive revenue growth for our customers.

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How can this help?

View one of our success stories HERE and see how we helped Nobles County and Lismore Telephone Cooperative implement a successful business plan based on our findings. Or download our case study on Fixed Wireless or our whitepaper  Considerations Before Initiating a Feasibility Study.

Do you lack funding?

Finley has expertise in securing and managing broadband grants and loans for our clients. Grant funding and other funding mechanisms are out there, you just need to know how to go about finding and applying for these funds. View how we can help with funding here >>>

Does your community have these issues?

  • Slow or no broadband access in your rural community? Loss of business due to lack of high-speed broadband or unreliable broadband? The need to work from your local library or drive around town to find wifi internet access? Limited broadband options and affordability issues?

Does your organization have these issues?

  • Difficulty understanding how a feasibility study can direct you to a better solution? Limited knowledge of the economic costs related to lack of quality broadband? Lack of understanding which options are available to build better broadband? Unaware of creative funding options, including grants and loans, to finance better broadband? Overwhelmed by the process and unsure where to start?

Let’s work together to end the digital divide.

Whether you’re a rural electric cooperative, a municipality, telecommunications or another organization exploring broadband opportunities, your goal is the same: find the optimal way to bring high-speed broadband to your community, constituents or customers.  When you partner with Finley, you’ll experience an approach to network design and deployment that is as unique as your business. We don’t prescribe “one size fits all” solutions because every customer, territory, network and business case is unique, layered and nuanced. And no matter what type of organization you are, our goal is the same: study the right options that will give you the best opportunity to fund and build a quality broadband network.

Contact us to further the conversation around broadband network projects, including assistance with your feasibility study, overall broadband strategy planning, and identifying potential funding sources for deploying a system-wide fiber network for both members and connectivity to down line devices.

Here’s where we’ve completed feasibility studies over the last 3 year years.

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