Preston Eidson P.E.

Preston Eidson joined Finley  in December 2013, after receiving his degree in Civil Engineering.  He brings the transmission team knowledge of soil mechanics and reinforced concrete design to aid in the design of self-supporting poles and foundation design.

His project experience includes transmission design for 69 kV and 161kV lines, modeling fiber optic cable on steel lattice towers, footing and foundation design and analysis for self-supporting structures, as well as, foundation for control houses for fiber optics, and analysis of soil properties for determining allowable bore pressures with the use of HDD.  Preston is proficient at using Mathcad® AutoCAD®, PLS-CADD™, and PLS-POLE™ software to develop and analyze transmission line data. He also has experience using MFAD and L-PILE to determine adequate foundation depths and diameters for structures. He has experience in surveying and staking of right-of-way and structure locations. He has additional experience with all aspects of project management including construction specifications, contract administration, handling materials and invoicing, and close-out documentation. To reach Preston contact our Lamar office 417-682-5531.


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