Troy Holzbach

Troy Holzbach

Troy Holzbach began his career with Finley in 1988 bringing years of experience and expertise in RUS/RUDP procedures; including central office switching and subscriber access equipment. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Holzbach has been involved in over 120 central office change-outs and/or upgrades, including numerous remote and access cabinet installations across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Mr. Holzbach is responsible for all electronic equipment plans and specifications in the Missouri office for central office switching, DC power systems, central office and remote grounding, standby generator equipment, HVAC systems, remote cabinets and fiber testing, IP, WDM and Sonet fiber transport, switching, and access equipment.

Mr. Holzbach has received multiple training certificates pertaining to switching, access, grounding, transport and IP networking equipment.


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