Utilities Gain CTIA-Certified IoT Devices

The goal of the CTIA’s new Smart Connected Infrastructure IoT certification program is to ensure the safety and reliability of devices used in the utility sector.

The certification program, which is a collaboration between CTIA Certification and Ericsson, builds on the recently introduced IoT Network Certified program. It targets power grids, water systems and smart meters.

The program is designed to enable manufacturers who use a pre-certified wireless module to quickly and cost-effectively have their devices certified. This is possible due to the rigorous testing and certification already done on the module, CTIA says.

Tom Sawanobori, CTIA’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said that the organization already has proven its ability to test interoperability, safety and security of IoT devices. The next step – focusing on IoT devices being deploy specifically for utility applications – is a natural extension of this capability and illustrates the increasing number of use cases that are emerging in the sector.

“The new Smart Connected Infrastructure certification program will offer demonstrated security and performance best practices that give utilities the starting place to evaluate network compatibility and cybersecurity protections. We greatly appreciate Ericsson’s expertise in helping develop this program to target utilities’ needs and serving as the program’s initial test lab,” Michelle James, CTIA’s Vice President of Strategic Industry Programs, said in a press release.

“This program is a product of long-term industry collaboration between technology leaders and utility stakeholders to provide the solid baseline we need for connected IoT deployments on cellular networks.”

The proliferation of IoT devices – many of which end up in places where they are hard or virtually impossible to reach – puts a premium on security and low power use. The Smart Connected Infrastructure IoT program would appear to be a welcome option for the utility industry.


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