Broadband Funding Hits Historic Levels

Over the last two years, rural broadband infrastructure has played a leading role in the national news. Unserved and underserved communities have been hit especially hard as the country has attempted to adjust to a new normal lifestyle of working and learning from home.

The government has responded to the crisis by creating new funding mechanisms, such as the CARES Act, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, rural infrastructure, and other programs, to address the need. As new funding sources arise, it’s important for broadband communications service providers to keep abreast of funding availability.

Our whitepaper examines the availability of current funding and gives you all the key information you need to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by today’s financing climate for rural broadband.

We review and discuss:

  • Where to find current funding
  • How much funding is currently available
  • Deadlines for accessing available funding

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