Protection Engineering – 4-Part Whitepaper Series

Part 1
Avoid disaster by updating your relaying system >>>

Is your utility at risk for events similar to those that have wreaked havoc in California due to utility-triggered wildfires? If your relaying system does not have the proper settings, you could be at risk.

ghgh Part 2
Overlooking relay coordination across organizations, a cause for alarm >>> 

If sufficient communication does not take place regarding relay coordination, catastrophes can occur. These situations can occur with municipal utilities, rural electric co-ops, investor-owned utilities of all sizes, and even large customers.


Part 3
The importance of up-to-date relay settings and their coordination >>>
How long has it been since you had your relay settings checked? If you have simply been replicating the same settings year after year, in spite of the fact that your system has been changing over the years, you risk some serious and potentially very costly power system issues.
Part 4
Substation drawings: Will they be ready when you need them most >>>

It is very easy to forget about your substation drawings when everything is running smoothly. Perhaps you believe scheduled equipment replacements or routine system maintenance is the only time you truly need them. While these are major reasons, they are not the only reasons. Therefore, it is critical to have updated substation drawings, and to have them accurately reflect what exists in the field.


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