Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh Targets Wi-Fi Mesh Interoperability

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh, an initiative aimed at creating efficient and self-organized Wi-Fi networks even if the access points come from multiple vendors. Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh offers a standards-based approach, which enables it to work across vendor lines, the organization said.

Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh

“Wi-Fi EasyMesh offers both service providers and Wi-Fi users a consistent approach to multiple AP solutions,” Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance said in a press release. “Wi-Fi Alliance is delivering a standardized solution to a market-leading product category enabling a strong ecosystem for interoperable, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices.”

Dead or weak spots in homes are a significant problem for Wi-Fi coverage, especially as latency-sensitive applications become more popular. EasyMesh is designed to use Wi-Fi to alleviate this problem while making it as easy as possible for homeowners to provision Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi Alliance says that its system can proactively adjust to these changes while providing the home owner or the service provider with seamless control.

EasyMesh coordinates multiple APs to create a unified and intelligent mesh that provides ubiquitous coverage across a larger service area than what can be covered by a single AP. EasyMesh monitors network conditions and adapts itself as these conditions warrant. Smartphones, tablets and other devices are guided to the optimal AP. This enables a seamless experience even when the user is moving around the house. EasyMesh access points will interoperate with APs that are added to the network.

“Wi-Fi Alliance is delivering a fundamental innovation for interoperability which is necessary to enable residential IoT and the connected smart home, and products would benefit greatly from being Wi-Fi CERTIFIED,” Adlane Fellah, wireless analyst for Maravedis, said in the press release. “Wi-Fi EasyMesh delivers a better residential Wi-Fi user experience and a standardized approach further expands an existing market and drives greater innovation among product vendors.” 


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