Broadband Forum Aims to Enhance Quality of Experience (QoE) with TR-452.2 Extension

The Broadband Forum has announced the TR-452.2 extension to its Quality Attenuation (QED) framework. The goal is to enable telecom providers to identify and resolve network faults before customers perceive any service issue. Operators will be able to conduct real-world quality attenuation testing such as proactive analysis of network performance and support for customer service troubleshooting.

Broadband Forum RD-452.2 Extension

The Quality Attenuation (QED) framework was developed by Forum’s Broadband Quality of Experience Delivered (Broadband QED) initiative. Quality Attenuation is a metric for capturing, measuring, managing and manipulating the performance aspects of networks and services. Quality Attenuation can help operators across access technologies in their own networks to uncover broadband performance characteristics unavailable through traditional packet layer performance techniques.

Broadband QED uses Quality Attenuation to encompass factors including latency, consistency, predictability and reliability, enabling operators to look beyond conventional measurements, such as Quality of Service (QoS) to provide deeper insights into QoE and application outcomes.

According to the Broadband Forum, when quality is attenuated, packets are delayed or dropped due to Wi-Fi problems, capacity issues or other factors. Broadband QED is designed to provide a framework for decomposing a trip time into distinct components, matching them to the performance degradation sources.

“In an evolving broadband market where, once broadband speed stops constraining service delivery, Quality Attenuation (which includes latency, jitter and packet loss) becomes the most important metric to delivering QoE for increasingly time-sensitive applications,” said Craig Thomas, Broadband Forum vice president strategic marketing and business development, in a prepared statement. “A standards-driven approach is critical to how metrics are automated and continuously measured leading to zero-touch Automated Intelligent Management (AIM) tools that ensure subscriber service quality.”


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