Building Better Broadband for Cities and Counties – Webinar On Demand

This Webinar was hosted by Finley Engineering and CJIS Group. Click HERE to view the webinar on-demand.

Low population density and hence reluctant investment by major carriers? Are broadband bandwidth and reliability problems plaguing your city or county due to:

  1. Environmental issues that drive up the cost of replacing old, overloaded infrastructure?
  2. Restrictive permitting processes that prolong approval processes?

Listen in on this informative webinar to learn about Building Better Broadband for Cities and Counties. We will be discussing:

  • Funding through Public-Private Partnerships and Multi-jurisdictional cooperative agreements.
  • Fundamentals of feasibility studies – when do you need them, what do they cost and what do they deliver.
  • Network design and build considerations in difficult physical and economic environments. …and much more.


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