Deloitte Highlights Top Telecom Opportunities, Threats in 2022

Advisory firm Deloitte sees technological and competitive opportunities and threats as well as dynamic regulatory changes for the telecom industry this year, highlighting four top trends.

In its 2022 Telecom Industry outlook, Deloitte said there will be more competitive broadband markets with faster mobile and fixed wireless connections providing viable broadband alternatives to wired connections.

Additionally, there will be new opportunities for providers offering bundled services, according to the report.

“With ever-expanding options for high-quality communication and internet services from telecom, cable, wireless, and satellite internet providers, consumers will enjoy enhanced flexibility in purchasing and consuming services in the new year,” the report said.

Service providers may benefit from the $65 billion for broadband adoption and deployment included in the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. But they will be working with new decision-makers, as the majority of the funding will be administered at the state level, rather than at the federal level as it traditionally has been.

Potential Threats

The current year will also see increasing interest in multi-access edge computing and private cellular networks, the report said. These are very young markets, yet many different companies will seek their share of the market, not just network operators, according to Deloitte. So network operators may want to seek out partners rather than going it alone.

Hackers will continue to pose a growing threat, the report cautions. “While the widespread adoption of 5G offers many benefits, it also creates new security concerns and challenges. As operators have taken steps to evaluate and minimize threats arising from 5G and software-centric networks in their own organizations, they are in a unique position to offer 5G security services to enterprises seeking to deploy their own advanced wireless networks.”


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