Should Fixed Wireless Be Part of Your Broadband Strategy? 

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As broadband service providers evaluate their options for bringing quality broadband to their communities, it is important that fixed wireless technology be considered. Fixed wireless has evolved and in the right situation, can provide extensive value to broadband strategies, especially as expansion opportunities come into play.

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May 8th, 2 – 3:00 PM Central

Christopher Konechne Project Engineer

Join Chris Konechne, Project Engineer at Finley Engineering, and Telecompetitor for an informative webinar, Evaluating Fixed Wireless, where we will explore fixed wireless technology, its applications, and its role in delivering broadband in different situations. Register today to gain valuable insight into this timely industry issue. 

Download our new Whitepaper Ending the Digital Divide: A Case study in fixed wireless and bringing better broadband to underserved communities.





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