Senator Amy Klobuchar Discusses Rural Broadband Feasibility in Minnesota

On April 30th, Senator Amy Klobuchar visited Finley Engineering’s Slayton location, along with representatives of the Southwest Regional Development Commission, to discuss rural Broadband and its impact on local businesses and homes. Senator Klobuchar led the discussion on a recently published six county feasibility study that highlights the current Broadband situation in the study area. In addition, representatives from the six county study, Murray County Central School, Woodstock Communications and Murray County Medical Center were there to discuss the impact of bringing better Broadband to rural communities.

If you would like more information on building better Broadband or how feasibility studies can impact Broadband expansion plans, contact Finley Engineering at 800-225-9716.

Above: Ben Humphrey, VP of Finley’s Slayton, MN location preparing for the Senator’s visit on Monday.



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