Ericsson, Microsoft Aim to Move Connected Cars Forward

Ericsson and Microsoft are partnering on a connected platform designed to free manufacturers to focus on value-added services. The plan is for Ericsson to build its Connected Vehicle Cloud “on top of” the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP). That platform, in turn, runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The goal is to make it easier for car manufacturers to enter into and expand their connected car features and functionality without building what clearly is a complex, multi-level and highly demanding infrastructure.

The platform will enable automakers to deploy and scale vehicle services globally to provide fleet management, over-the-air software updates and connected safety services much more quickly and cheaply, the partners say. The platform will be flexible through modular design and support multiple deployment options. This will free the car manufacturers from the complexity inherent in 24/7 operations and lifecycle management tasks. These services will be backed by service level agreements.

“The Ericsson and Microsoft partnership will deliver a comprehensive connected vehicle platform at scale to the market,” Åsa Tamsons, Ericsson’s Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, said in a press release. “Our integrated solutions will help automotive manufacturers accelerate their global connected vehicle solutions and offer a better experience for drivers and passengers.”

Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud controls about 10% of the vehicle market, the company says. It serves more than 4 million vehicles in 180 countries. It has the capability to support any connected car service.

The MCVP is a combination of cloud infrastructure, edge technology, artificial intelligence and IoT functionality. Microsoft positions it as a “consistent, cloud-connected platform” upon which in-vehicle infotainment, advanced navigation, autonomous driving, telematics and prediction services, over-the-air updates and other services and functions can be offered. It also offers hyperscale global availability and regulatory compliance that is an Azure feature.


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