Fixed Wireless Momentum Driving 35% Growth in Equipment Revenues

Subscriber growth in North America is the major reason that fixed wireless access (FWA) equipment revenues will increase 35% this year, according to a forecast from the Dell’Oro Group. The firm includes both radio access network and consumer premise equipment (RAN and CPE) in the assessment.

“Fixed Wireless Access has become a key component to bridging the digital divide and connecting rural and underserved markets globally,”  Jeff Heynen, Dell’Oro Vice President and analyst, said in a press release . “What we are also seeing is that FWA can effectively compete with existing fixed broadband technologies, especially with the advent of 5G and other higher-throughput, non-3GPP technologies.”

FWA Equipment Forecast

Some highlights from the FWA equipment forecast:

  • Global FWA revenues are projected to surpass $5 billion in 2026, reflecting sustained investment and subscriber growth in both 3GPP- and non-3GPP-based network deployments.
  • The North American market remains the most dynamic in terms of deployed FWA technology options, with CBRS and other sub-6GHz options growing alongside 5G NR and 60GHz options.
  • Long-term subscriber growth is expected to occur in emerging markets in southeast Asia and Mid East and Africa, due to upgrades to existing LTE networks and a need to connect subscribers economically.
  • The satellite broadband market will also be a key enabler of broadband connectivity in emerging markets, thanks to LEOS-based providers including Starlink, OneWeb, and Project Kuiper.



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