NYC’s Recent Blackout Highlights the Importance of Properly Functioning Relay Protection Systems

New York cities’ recent blackout didn’t go unnoticed by many in the utility industry. A substation relay protection system did not operate as it was designed causing 74k customers to lose service. Do you know if your system is at risk?

System protection engineering strategies are critical to ensure that a utility provides safe, reliable electric power.  These are often overlooked until something goes wrong, and this neglect can come at a cost. Read Finley Engineering’s recently published series of four whitepapers on various aspects of protection engineering. We have experts specializing in this area and we are here to help. View whitepapers >>>

Part 1: Avoid Disaster by Updating Your Relaying System

  • Ground Overcurrent Relaying and High-Resistive Ground Faults.
  • Problems can result if these are not properly accounted for.

Part 2: Overlooking Relay Coordination Across Organizations; A Cause for Alarm?

  • The importance of substation relay coordination, regardless of how substation jurisdiction is divided.
  • The importance of coordinating relays within a substation, between substations, and with neighboring utilities, and the problems that can occur.

Part 3: Out-of-date Relay Settings and Coordination; A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

  • The importance of verifying your relay settings are up-to-date, accurate, and coordinated, including your downstream devices.
  • Issues that can arise if this coordination does not take place.

Part 4: Will Your Substation Drawings Be Ready When You Need Them? 

  • The importance of having complete, accurate, and up-to-date substation drawings, and the need for these drawings to properly set and coordinate relays.
  • Risks that can take place if drawings are not updated properly.

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