Putting One Minute of Internet Usage into Perspective

The width and breadth of the Internet is impossible to conceive. One way of getting a handle on it is to boil it down to how it is used in any given minute. That’s precisely what Domo, provider of a cloud-based business operating system, did. The result is that even when assessed in minute increments, the use still is staggering.

The rundown of an individual minute on the Internet, measured by leading services is huge. The list:

  • Netflix: 404,444 hours of video generated.
  • DoorDash: 555 meals.
  • Instagram: 347,222 user posts.
  • YouTube: 500 hours of video uploaded.
  • Twitter: 319 new users.
  • Consumer spending: $1 million
  • Microsoft Teams: 52,083 users.
  • Facebook: 150,000 messages.
  • LinkedIn: 69,444 jobs applied for.
  • TikTok: 2,704 installations.
  • Venmo: $239,196 worth of payments
  • Spotify: 28 tracks added
  • Instagram: 138,889 business profile ads are clicked on
  • Amazon: 6,659 packages shipped.
  • Voice calls: 1,388,889.
  • Spending on mobile apps: $3,805.
  • WhatsApp messages: 41,666,667.
  • Facebook uploaded photos: 147,000.
  • Zoom meeting participants: 208,333.
  • Reddit users engage with content: 479,452.

DoorDash, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and TikTok appear for the first time. YouTube, Instagram and Twitter have appeared annually in the report, which dates back to 2012. Facebook returns after a four-year hiatus – perhaps marking the time between presidential elections – and three (Grubhub, Airbnb and Twitch) were absent after making their only appearances last year.

Domo identified what it says are the hotspots this year. They are cash transfers (as evidenced by Venmo’s results), e-Commerce (Amazon) and collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams).

There is little doubt that the amazing numbers will continue to grow more amazing. The infographic, which was posted at Visual Capitalist, mapped global Internet population growth since 2014. It has jumped over that time from 3 billion to 3.4 billion in 2016. Two years ago, the number increased by almost a billion to 4.3 billion. This year the number of users is expected to reach 4.5 billion.


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