Social Distancing Tool Taps Public Wi-Fi to Help Manage Return to Normal

GlobalReach Technology has launched a new tool designed to help businesses manage safe social distancing as offices and venues slowly reopen after lockdowns across the nation.

The tool, known as Crowd Insights, uses existing public Wi-Fi networks to collect anonymous location, volume and movement data to enable users to recognize when the number of people in a particular location is exceeding pre-set crowding limits, triggering alerts to help the venue proactively manage social distancing and keep people safe.

The tool accomplishes this by using data from devices and other wearables to monitor, predict, alert and notify with real-time alerts when thresholds are exceeded. Offices can also use the tool to manage social distancing as workplaces reopen.

Social Distancing Wi-Fi

The Crowd Insights dashboard provides alerts, real-time and historic reports. The information can also be shown on digital displays for citizens, customers, passengers and others, enabling them to take action themselves.

“Our customers are keen to reopen, and in some countries retail venues are already back to 40% of normal time footfall, but their priority is that their staff and customers are confident that safety measures are being taken,” said GlobalReach Technology managing director Chris Bruce, in a prepared statement. “This is a valuable way to use existing public Wi-Fi networks, to help proactively protect staff, customers and the public, so that they can reopen faster, start to trade and see revenue again.”

The company added that the data can provide long-term understanding of volumes, dwell time and movement, which will help support security, safety and commercial planning – like changing traffic flows in a shopping center, adding more transportation on a popular route or opening times for a venue.


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