Fifteen Possible Use Cases for AI in Broadband; It Could Save on Energy Too!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in broadband today. Although the technology has existed in some form in broadband devices for years, what has created a large part of the current buzz is generative AI, a form of AI that uses language models and learning to generate new content.

Almost half of broadband providers surveyed by global consulting firm Altman Solon in October 2023 said they expected spending on generative AI to “surge” over the next two years. The researchers expect to see a six-fold increase in AI spending by 2025.

AI can play a crucial role in telecom by enhancing various aspects of operations and services. It can enhance efficiency, reliability, and the customer experience by optimizing networks, providing proactive maintenance, improving customer support, enhancing security, and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Below, we discuss 15 possible use cases for AI in broadband.

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