Carroll Electric Cooperative

The Finley Team prepared fiber design alternatives to minimize make ready work on a 69kV Transmission line for fiber optic cable installation.  The Team conducted field surveys and a pole inventory to verify the existing plan and profile design; verified the existing conductor catenary sagging data; designed the attachment placements and the OPGW catenary sag; and, reported and presented options to Owner for an optimal installation of the OPGW.

Finley Engineering also provided engineering design services to remove the damaged portions of the 69kV bay which includes structural elements, insulators, bus, 69 kV breaker, replacement transformer and replacement switchgear. The new switchgear was placed adjacent to Switchgear with a tie and main connection to the transformer from 69 kV bay. Finley delivered engineering drawings, material procurement specifications, and construction specifications as required for all the task defined. Finley delivered under budget from the original bid.


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