Fiber Broadband Speeds Keep Rising, Latest by Nokia Sees 25 Gbps Symmetrical

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Broadband access networks are at the very beginning stages of implementing 10 Gbps capable networks, using technologies like XGS-PON and NG-PON2. But news from Nokia demonstrates that the industry is already looking towards a 25 Gbps PON future.

Nokia announced what it said is a first-of-its kind 25 Gbps symmetrical PON. The 25 Gbps PON offering will build on the company’s fiber access platform.

The new PON solution is based on the Nokia Quillion chipset. The 25G PON solution is designed to provide users with improved bandwidth and low latency needed to support 5G mobile transport and 10G service.

The technology is designed to work on the same infrastructure as GPON and XGS-PON, which will enable users to overlay the 25 Gbps solution without interrupting existing customer services.

25G PON is designed to take advantage of the high volumes and mature eco-system of data center optical technologies without the large technology advances needed to support 50G PON, according to Nokia. The company said that the current 10 Gbps PON solutions are inadequate to meet the demand for 5G mobile transport and premium enterprise services.

“It is vital that we keep pushing and enable our customers to capitalize on new opportunities while fully leveraging their existing investments,” said Sandra Motley, Nokia president of fixed networks, in a prepared statement. By delivering a step-change increase in fiber broadband networks with our 25G PON solution, CSPs will be able to bring better broadband to consumers and businesses, both through fixed fiber and 5G mobile broadband.”

An industry working group, the 25GS-PON MSA, has been formed to accelerate the development of 25 Gbps PON. The working group has already developed a specification.


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