ISE EXPO 2021 Contractors’ Forum Highlights

Janice Olivia, Publisher at ISE Magazine, met with industry executives at the 2021 ISE EXPO to discuss challenges in design and planning, workforce and timelines, funding, technology, and more. This live, candid conversation included industry experts from Biarri Networks, Finley Engineering Company, and Wolf Line Construction. Learn more about key issues facing the ICT industry, and specifically their ability to help service providers deliver the necessary broadband networks our communities need.

Read the entire article on ISE’s website here >>>

As seen in ISE Magazine: ISE Facilitator Janice Oliva – Overview of questions:   

  1. What advice do you have for designing and planning fiber networks on tight timelines and even tighter budgets?
  2. Do you have a playbook for working with municipalities to improve fiber deployment timelines? If so, share your best practice(s).
  3. Describe your best experience with a partnership, and why it worked so well.
  4. What is your biggest  pain point? Share some insights about how you’re overcoming it.
  5. Tell us about your top 2 tools in your company’s toolbox. They could be your team, software/hardware, network design tools, etc.
  6. What advice would you give to a contractor just entering into today’s market?


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