Report: 5G Awareness is High—But Confusion Reigns

People generally know about 5G but are confused, according to research about 5G awareness from Strategy Analytics.

The report from the firm’s User Experience Strategies group found that 36% of respondents say that they are aware of 5G, 39% profess to a basic level of knowledge, 18% call themselves familiar and 7% say they are unfamiliar.

The survey found that 17% say that have 5G devices, 17% are unsure and 66% say they don’t. Strategy Analytics found that about 25% of consumers said that 5G is important and about 20% said they don’t need it or would wait until it is proven before making a purchase.

A group the press release identified as “Apple fans” in the United States said the company is a 5G leader, though the press release says that this is not a “market reality.” Samsung and Apple were neck and neck for the most preferred provider.

Commentary in the press release says that while awareness of 5G is relatively high, the confusion is “an industry created problem that needs to be addressed.” Clearly, claims and counter claims over what constitutes 5G — and arguments between carriers over who offers it and who doesn’t — are a challenge. The deployment of 5G first as a fixed wireless technology also muddied public perception.

Not addressing these uncertainties could prove costly down the road. “But one of the biggest challenges to overcome is ensuring consumers know what they already have – and how they will benefit from 5G in the future,” said UXIP Director Paul Brown in the press release. “Reliable connectivity and guaranteed quality are key drivers, but consumers are not prepared to pay over the odds for this technology. OEM’s must find a way to drive adoption through a demonstration of need, and by virtue of this need, fixing consumer pain-points. Brand and WOW factors alone will only go so far.”


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