Report: Video is Now 60% of Total Internet Downstream Traffic

A new report from Sandvine tracks all Internet traffic and offers some interesting and revealing insights about data usage. Sandvine is a global network management provider offering a range of analytics and network management solutions. Their report, the 2019 Global Internet Phenomena, tracks Internet usage of over 2.5 billion users across the globe.

The usage statistic of 60% on Internet download traffic is video is probably not surprising but does validate what our clients experience regularly. Much of that traffic is Netflix, with an eye-opening stat that 12.60% of the total downstream volume of traffic across the entire internet and 11.44% of all internet traffic is Netflix. Pretty staggering for one company’s application to have such a global impact on the Internet.

Google traffic is running a close second to Netflix, with 12% of all Internet traffic being Google. The difference being, Google’s traffic comes from multiple sources including YouTube, search, and the Android ecosystem.

Here are some other interesting data points:

  • Gaming traffic is now 8% of all Internet download traffic
  • Social media is now 6.1% of all Internet download traffic
  • File sharing is now 4.2% of all Internet download traffic
  • Messaging applications is now 1.6% of all Internet download traffic
  • Audio streaming is only .4% of all Internet download traffic

You can download the full Sandvine report here.


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