The Telecom Infra Project Forms Metaverse Group

The metaverse won’t be easy to create, so the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has formed a group aimed at helping the telecommunications industry move into this new world in an organized fashion. The co-chairs of the group, which is aimed at both fixed and mobile networks, are Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Sparkle, T-Mobile and Telefónica.

The TIP Metaverse-Ready Networks Projects Group’s goal is to improve network performance and accelerate development of solutions and architectures to create network readiness capable of supporting these experiences, according to a press release.

Telecom Infra Project Metaverse Group

The group will work to align on industry-wide network capabilities, specific application programming interfaces (APIs) and mechanisms required to facilitate end-to-end (E2E) network capabilities able to support immersive applications at scale. The group plans to define requirements and methods for measuring end-to-end E2E quality of experience (QoE) and to provide prioritization of future network architectures necessary to create metaverse readiness.

“The telecom industry will act as a key enabler for the metaverse by providing the performing network architectures and services that will support growing bandwidth requests and quality of experience generated by new business models,” Fabio Panunzi Capuano, the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Sparkle and Co-Chair of the MRN Project Group, said in a press release. “The Metaverse-Ready Networks Project Group, as one voice of the industry, has the challenging task to define new connectivity requirements supporting the end-to-end metaverse experience and Sparkle, with its assets and experience, is at the forefront in cooperating to shape the future.” Ron Marquardt, the Vice President of Advanced Technologies & Innovation at T-Mobile, encouraged other communications service providers to join the initiative.  The group’s first session will be hosted at Fyuz, a conference to be held later this month in Madrid.


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